Ever since I was super little and the Denver Broncos held their training camp in Greeley, I have tried to make it a summer tradition to take a day off of work and watch the Broncos practice. That tradition will have to take at least a year off. 

Over the last couple of seasons as the team has returned to winning, it has made the trip to Dove Valley where the Broncos practice even more fun. As a matter of fact, last year I got to meet Peyton Manning himself! 

But now the Broncos are in the midst of a $35 million renovation project to expand and modernize their Dove Valley headquarters and build a fieldhouse for indoor practices. Because construction of the new indoor facility won’t be complete, there won’t be room to park cars or safely seat fans, so no training camp for fans in Colorado this year...

The Broncos are giving fans three chances to see them, with practices at Sports Authority Field, with free parking and admission.