A family of foxes lives underneath a Colorado family's deck. Watch what they see in their backyard, which is adorable baby foxes playing with each other.

Janette Jaynes lives in Breckenridge and she's got the cutest thing ever in her backyard - a family of foxes. According to KOAA, the foxes live underneath Janette's deck and the family includes at least three baby foxes.

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She says the babies were up all night playing, kids always have lots of energy, regardless of the species. Janette shared a video of the baby foxes playing with each other and it's adorable.

Watch as the baby foxes chase each other around Janette's deck in Breckenridge. They take turns pouncing at each other while running around the deck and hiding under chairs and behind rocks and beams. The baby foxes are so small and fuzzy and you can see their tiny white-tipped tails bounce around as they play.

There are at least three baby foxes in the family, as you can see in the video below. We're not sure if there are more babies but we're sure that mom and dad are somewhere closeby. The typical litter size for a fox is four or five pups and they usually live in small family groups, according to Wikipedia.

Watch the cutest thing you'll see all day, which is a video of baby foxes playing with each other on Janette's deck in Breckenridge, below.

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