A case of excessive force last month in Colorado has led to a second officer being fired and charged in relation to the incident.

The incident occurred Friday, July 23rd in Aurora, Colorado, when two officers apprehended a suspect resulting in one of the officers allegedly using excessive force in the altercation.

While it's unclear as to exactly what triggered the situation, 40-year-old Aurora police officer Francine Martinez was called to the scene initially, followed by an intervention from 39-year-old Aurora police officer John Haubert.

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It was then that Haubert committed what is being called excessive force on the suspect. However, as of today officer Martinez is being accused of not intervening in an alleged case of excessive force as well as not reporting the alleged excessive force. She has since been fired from her position and is being charged with said crimes.

Haubert, however, is facing much more serious charges. These charges include one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury, a felony assault charge of strangulation, felony menacing, official misconduct, and official oppression.

It has been said that when Martinez arrived on the scene a struggle broke out between her and the suspect, leading Haubert to restrain the victim causing cuts and bruises.

The incident has been captured on video via the officers' body cams and will likely be used as evidence submitted to the courts.

It's unclear when either officer will have their court dates set, but neither one is employed by the department any longer.


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