Every now and again we hear about routine traffic stops all over the state of Colorado and beyond that result in big busts. However, sometimes these busts are so outlandish that they leave us scratching our heads in awe.

Recently, one of these big busts took place in Colorado with numerous factors that certainly left many of us awe-struck.

Colorado Motorists Pulling Camper Get Pulled Over

The incident took place on Thursday, February 29, 2024, in Douglas County, Colorado.

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A police officer pulled over the vehicle which was pulling a camper at the time for two blatant reasons - the pickup truck pulling the camper had expired tags, and the camper itself didn't have license plates at all.

The officer sensed that something fishy was going on and proceeded to search the vehicle. What the officer found sent the pair directly to jail.

Colorado Motorists Busted

Upon searching the vehicle, the officer discovered that the pair were transporting numerous drugs, drug paraphernalia, and multiple weapons.

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It's unclear as to the type of drugs that were seized, although it has been reported that multiple packages were discovered.

Authorities also discovered a handgun, as well as the most shocking discovery, a grenade.

However, upon further inspection by the bomb squad, it was determined that the grenade was not live and therefore posed no immediate threat, but was in fact filled with BBs.

Regardless, both of the truck's occupants were taken into custody and are facing multiple charges related to the items that were discovered in the search.

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