I'm not sure why downtown Grand Junction doesn't do this year around but I'm glad to see that businesses along Main Street are now staying open until 8 PM or later, every Friday throughout the summer months.

"Fridays After 5" gets underway this evening and will continue throughout the summer. I'm one of those guys that have to work later in the evening so knowing downtown isn't rolled up when I'm off work is a good thing.

Ray Michaels

With the longer days this time of year and the influx of tourists during the summer, staying open later is a good thing. I understand the added expense, however, the potential revenue gains have to more than makeup for the added costs.


Those that are visiting from out of town and staying at the downtown hotels will appreciate the opportunity to dine and do so shopping to start their weekend. Downtown Grand Junction is special. Let's make it easier for everyone enjoy all that it has to offer.

Ray Michaels
Participating businesses will have a red, white, and blue pinwheel in their windows.

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