Did you know Colorado has a department store with a huge Ferris wheel in the middle of it?

You will find it at Johnstown, just outside of Loveland. It's Scheel's All Sports, a store that would remind you in many ways of a Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's.

They have really cool stuffed animals, and a neat aquarium arch you walk under when you enter the store. You will also find a play area for kids, a shooting gallery, and an animatronic Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson that will school you on some American history.

Of course, you're gonna find sports and outdoor apparel and gear and hunting and fishing accessories, but there is one thing that makes this store truly unique. There is a huge Ferris wheel located right in the middle of the store that customers can ride.

For a moment, you might think you are in Mall of America, but this is definitely not an amusement park. But, it is an amusing place with a huge Ferris wheel and some other cool features.

If you are not familiar with Scheel's, you might be interested to know they have been around since 1902, now operating 27 stores including one in Sandy, Utah, and the Johnstown store near Loveland, which opened in 2015.

Let's take a quick stroll through the store and see what you can expect when you visit.

Colorado Department Store With A Huge Ferris Wheel

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