This year's Psycho Festival has relocated from Santa Ana, Calif. to the City of Sin, Las Vegas. The fest will befittingly be held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. With more announcements still on the way, the lineup is already a can't-miss featuring the Philip Anselmo-led supergroup Down, rock icons Blue Oyster Cult and doom legends Sleep and Candlemass. Psycho Las Vegas will boast three stages, tattoo artists, art exhibits, a black light chamber, a custom van and chopper show, a pinball arcade and more from Aug. 26 - 28.

So far, 23 bands have been announced, but the festival promises to top the 60 band mark set at last year's installment in California. The first wave also includes YOB, punk rockers Death, grunge pioneers Mudhoney, shock rockers the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown — best known for their hit "Fire" — Fu Manchu, Acid King, Bongripper, Danava, A Storm of Light, Jucifer, Pentagram and many more. The festival decisively leans towards grunge and doom, which will serve to match the sloth-pace the desert heat can bring out in Vegas.

None of the bands announced at this point will be headlining any of the three dates. The set from Blue Oyster Cult will see the band dig into their early records that helped bring rock into a heavier place as they teetered on the edge of hard rock and proto-heavy metal both sonically and thematically with their mysterious occult imagery.

Psycho Las Vegas was co-curated by filmmaker Sean Pelletier, who was behind the Last Days Here documentary that detailed the life and career of Pentagram mastermind Bobby Liebling. Commenting on the fest, Pelletier stated, "Thief Presents 'Psycho' festivals are visionary and have consecutively been the number one music event I've want to attend since they've started," continuing, "I've been dreaming about putting on a cool culture and music festival for quite some time and I jumped at the chance to help us all go psycho in Las Vegas!"

Adding to the personal touch he put into this year's installment, Pelletier added, "The event is a celebration of subculture and a spiritual gateway for all of us into sonically connected sub-genres of heavy rock that hopefully, some of which, may be new to our senses. I'm booking bands that I've always personally wanted to see and have requested setlists that we've all wanted to hear."

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