Kirk Windstein is down to return to Down for 2020. The guitarist exited the band in 2013, but during a chat with Bravewords, he revealed that he will be part of the group's lineup for 2020.

“I’ve been on the phone with Pepper Keenan probably 20 times in the last four days; we’re trying to figure this thing out. I talked to (vocalist) Philip Anselmo for the first time in years; had a nice 45-minute conversation, just catching up. I’m definitely a part of it," said Windstein, adding, "Put it this way, Pepper’s quote to me was, ‘If Kirk ain’t doing it, I ain’t doing it.’ He told that to Phil and Jimmy (Bower). I said to Pepper, we’ve been though a lot together, but I would love to do it, and if you ain’t doing it, I ain’t doing it."

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Down's NOLA album, something which isn't lost on Windstein. "It’s the NOLA record! ... None of us are getting any younger. I would love to do more stuff, like Psycho Las Vegas. We’ve been going back and forth with scheduling; that’s the problem. You’ve got me back full time in Crowbar, you’ve got COC with Pepper, Phil with The Illegals … it is difficult, but I’m hopeful we can squeeze these few shows in and make it happen.”

At present, Down have announced three European festival appearances in June. They'll play Copenhell in Copenhagen, Denmark, Graspop in Dessel, Belgium and Hellfest in Clisson, France.

Windstein went on to add, "If it ain't me, it'll be nobody. My understanding, beyond any shadow of a doubt, from Phil and Pepper, is they are not doing it without me. And I appreciate that! Our friendship goes back to when we were teenagers; we’re in our 50s now. That makes me feel good. Anything Down does from here forward, whether it’s a full tour or one show, I’m 99.9 percent sure that I’m a part of it."

He concluded, "It’s back to what it started out as, which is a side project. In all honesty – hindsight’s 20/20 – but, it’s better as a side project. Everybody’s got a strong personality, everybody’s got their own bands going on, their own songwriting going on. The thing is, we want to do this. Anything that Down happens to do, whether it’s one show or 100 shows, as far as I know, I’m back in the band.”

As stated, Windstein exited the band in 2013, primarily spending his time with his primary group Crowbar. Bobby Landgraf eventually filled his spot in Down, though the band has been rather quiet in recent years. Windstein also has a solo album en route. Dream in Motion is due Jan. 24.

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