Before you call me a "traitor" and say I'm crazy for pushing a country show on 95 Rock, I'm here to tell you LOCASH has enough rock in their roll to bring down the house. Plus, this show is at Warehouse 2565. This will be nothing short of a HUGE party in a small room!

You guys should know me well enough by now that I will send you to any show if it's quality.  LOCASH is one of the best at what they do. Formerly known as LoCash Cowboys, they're an All-American country duo consisting of vocalists Chris Lucas and Preston Brust. By 2015, the boys dropped the "Cowboys" and released a new single as LoCash "I Love This Life," It became their first Top 5 hit in late 2015. The EP's second single, "I Know Somebody" hit our sister station, KEKB back in February of 2016. Last fall, It reached #1 on the Billboard charts!



The show is set for Sunday evening at Wearhouse 2565. I've been there before. You guys may recall Gunner and The Grizzly Boys? That was a good time. Sure, they're "country" too but there was plenty of attitude at that show for this rocker.

Waylon Jordan
Waylon Jordan

As of this evening, there are tickets still available. They won't last long. Get yours today by clicking HERE! Warehouse 2565 is located 2565 American Way here in Junction. We'll see you there!



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