District 51 has made a lot of improvements in the last year. One year ago a $118.5 million bond was approved for District 51. Nearly half of District 51 schools are 44 years or older so they were due for some major upgrades.

One year can make a huge difference and District 51 has the proof. The new improvements across Mesa County schools in the last year include:

  • A new Orchard Mesa Middle School
  • Two new gyms
  • 9,068 new Chromebooks
  • Updated curriculum
  • Numerous repairs
  • Five additional school days

I know what you're thinking, that's a lot of Chromebooks. These Chromebooks are definitely being put to good use.

It's important that the English curriculum was updated because it's the first time it's been done in seventeen years. (Which is far too long.) The improvements don't stop there though. Another $22 million in repairs and construction is set for 20 schools next summer.

From the new gym, cafeteria and music room at Dual Immersion Academy to the brand new Orchard Mesa Middle School, D51 is making big moves.

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