It will save the state $200,000 and it will be a 'road-trip' destination for years. Who wants to blow-up and move all that rock, anyway?

Soon, folks will be flocking down to southern Colorado to see 'that big 'ol rock'. According to the Denver Post, Governor Polis announced that the 8 1/2 million pound rock that smashed onto Highway 145 between Cortez and Telluride on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend won't be removed.

The better plan: Instead of getting it off the highway, move the highway itself. Brilliant! Also, it's now being called 'Memorial Rock.' Again, brilliant!

They'll save 200 grand by not destroying this boulder. The other one, the mere 2.3 million-pound one WAS removed on Memorial Day.  You'd have to imagine that the area will see an influx in the economy, too, as travelers will be eager to get their Instagram photos with Memorial Rock.

Get more on the boulder and the project from the Denver Post HERE.



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