Last fall a few commercial companies went to Fort Benning Georgia to show the military what their robots could do. I have just one question didn’t anyone tell them this is how terminator got started? If you remember this is what the military did in those movies. They put weapons on robots and when they gained consciousness they realized they didn’t need us and it was open season on the human race.

I know what your thinking, dude that was a movie and these are not those type of robots. Well, yes but this type of stuff starts somewhere and once it starts happening there will be no turning back. Look at how fast technology has jumped already. It wasn’t that long ago when you had to have a landline to get to the Internet and today it’s everywhere.

Look there are people right now working on giving robots consciousness I have seen them on the science channel and one day they will figure it out and then we will have a whole new mess to deal with. Once they have consciousness they are going to want rights, be allowed to vote and want to be treated like they are alive. I bet you would think a little different then.

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