There are so many questions heading into this NFL offseason in regards to the Denver Broncos. The ownership situation -- who's it going to be? The coaching carousel -- who's going to be the next leader of this team on the sideline and...who's going to be the quarterback next year?

These are all big questions which we'll have the answers to soon enough so as the speculation and the predictions begin to come in every day, I thought it would be fun to chime in with my two cents worth and throw out multiple options as to who could potentially be the Denver Broncos next starting quarterback.

In the past 5 years plus, there have been 11 quarterbacks starting at quarterback for the team. In the two years that I've been here in Colorado really paying attention to the team, I've seen Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater as the two main starters. During the 2020 season with Covid issues and injuries, there was also Brett Rypien, Jeff Driskel, and Anthony Hinton who was actually called in off the practice squad (as a receiver) to fill in for emergency quarterback after Covid exposure issues had doomed the other quarterbacks for that game against the Saints in 2020.

Looking ahead to next year, there is a multitude of options of players that could be the Broncos QB1 for week 1 next year. Whether it's a free agent signing or picking one through this year's draft, the speculation and talk is about to get red hot so to celebrate are 11 quarterbacks that I think are all on the table as possibilities to be in a Broncos uniform next year leading the team.

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