Last night, (Tuesday, October 13th,) Denver Broncos running back Melvin Gordon was pulled over for speeding and subsequently charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI.)

The 27-year-old running back was allegedly speeding near Speer and 5th avenue in downtown Denver, clocking in at 71 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Upon being pulled over, police suspected that Gordon was under the influence of alcohol due to "slurred speech, a moderate odor of alcohol on his breath, swaying balance and watery eyes" according to an official statement.

Gordon agreed to perform a roadside sobriety test and after failing, it would appear that he refused a breathalyzer and consequently had a blood sample taken.

One difference with DUI protocol this year is that those suspected of driving under the influence in Denver are no longer required to be booked into the jail, but rather required to be driven home by a sober driver, which is what happened Tuesday night with Gordon.

Unfortunately, Gordon not only faces consequences with the law but also with the NFL. He showed up to practice today but was sent home and faces a three-game suspension.

A spokesperson from the NFL had this to say about Gordon's situation:

We are aware of the matter which will be reviewed under policies.

Not only is Gordon the full-time starting running back for the Broncos, but he also played his best game as a Bronco in their recent matchup against the New York Jets back on Thursday, October 1st.

Gordon's first court date is scheduled for Friday, November 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th.

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