Over a dozen tombstones were damaged in Delta over the weekend and the local police are asking for your help.

Vandalism in any form is unacceptable. Knocking over tombstones is a form that's been going on, well since there have been tombstones, and I don't get the thrill of it. In many occasions racism in the underlying motivation. Across the country, there are reports of different ethnic groups and their cemeteries being targeted by vandals. There's no indication that race played a role in this incident. Either way, it's a cowardly act.

Delta is 95 Rock's "city of license." What that means is that's where our broadcast originates from. Our broadcast tower is closer to Delta than Grand Junction. As part of our community service to the city, it's important that we share information when necessary.

The Delta Police Department is asking for your help in finding the persons responsible for damaging 13 headstones in the cemetery on Third Street. The authorities were notified on Sunday afternoon. Its not clear when the act took place. The best guess is that it was sometime overnight Saturday. The damage is esitmated at around $9,000. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 970-874-7676.

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