Fall is my favorite time to go fishing. The cooler temps make a day out on the lake or walking along a stream, more enjoyable. The fish seem to sense that winter in on the way as well and usually bite better.

I added line to my reel, plan to make a stop at the local tackle store and grab a few baits, and head out this weekend. Being new to the area, I'm still not sure where to go. I'll be walking the bank too (I left my boats back in Missouri), so that will limit my choices as well.


I did some checking online. Here's what I found...

The Grand Mesa Lakes are a likely choice. I've made a couple trips up top so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. I understand the south slope area has 18 lakes all within walking distance of each other. A smaller lake is easier to fish from the bank and if they're not biting at one, I can try another.

Blue Mesa Reservoir is interesting. It's a bit of a drive down there but reservoir fishing is what I'm more familiar with. However, it's tough fishing from the bank. Perhaps renting a boat may the way to go here.

The Animas River is listed as a top fishing destination on the western slope but I also saw the article about a spill and wasn't sure of the situation. It's been over a year since the incident, and I'm sure everything's cool, but that's a long way to travel if you're not sure what part of the river offers the best chance to catch a big one.


So locals, where should I fish this weekend? It's time. I know this part of the country has some of the best fishing in the US. All I need is a little direction. We'll see you on the river. Fishing rocks!

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