Water levels continue to drop at lakes and reservoirs across Colorado.

Last week I passed along the latest on Blue Mesa Reservoir's extremely low water levels. The condition there continues to deteriorate. The lake is losing about 4 to 6 inches a day to dehydration. The low water problem isn't just at Blue Mesa Reservoir, lakes across Colorado are closing boat ramps or are shutting down altogether because of low water.

Here's the updated water level situation at lakes and reservoirs across Colorado:

Vega Reservoir- All three of the lakes boat ramps are closed for the season. the lake level continues to drop daily.

Highline Lake- The boat ramp on the east side of the lake is closed. The lake will close for the season on Septemeber 30th.

Rifle Gap- The lake and park are down to just one functioning lane at the lake only boat ramp. The courtesy dock is on dry land. Once the one boat lane and ramp is out of the water, boaters will be advised to launch “at your own risk.”

Harvey Gap- The lakes only boat ramp is closed for the season. The lake is currently 20 feet below normal.

Sweitzer Lake- The boat ramp and lake are closed for the season.

Crawford Lake- The boat ramp is closed for the season. Besides the low water level, the lake has algae bloom issue as well. A warning, algae may be harmful to dogs.  Water levels are extremely low.

Ridgway Reservoir- The lake elevation continues to drop because of the release at the dam.

Navajo Lake- With the water level continuing to drop, officials plan to close the boat ramp on October 14th.

Credit: Fox21

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