Another person died on the slopes over the weekend.

A young 20-year-old snowboarder was fatally injured attempting a jump at Snowmass Mountain Resort on Sunday. It was on his attempt on the first jump inside the Makaha Terrain Park Sunday morning when a call came into emergency responders from someone riding the Village Express lift. Not many details are known at this time. We do know that the snowboarder was not wearing a helmet.

Back in January, I shared the story that Colorado was on pace to have one of its deadliest ski seasons in over a decade. The trend continues. This year's excellent conditions are encouraging more skiers to hit the slopes. More persons mean more accidents. Given too that this year's season is excepted to extend well into June unfortunately, the record of 22 deaths during the 2011-2012 season looks likely to be broken.

The dangers are real. This season, lives have been lost to avalanches, collisions, and heart attacks. Always remember to think and plan ahead. Never take unnecessary risks. Play it smart and always be courteous of those around you. And finally, always wear a helmet.

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