This may come as a surprise, but there is actually a pizza place in Colorado called 'Sexy Pizza.'

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However, this sexy pizza joint will be closing its doors soon due to an unfortunate situation with the business' landlord.

What is Colorado's Sexy Pizza?

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Sexy Pizza is a pizza joint located at 1018 E. 11th Avenue in Denver in the Capitol Hill neighborhood:

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As you can see, some of Sexy Pizza's most notable neighbors are the allegedly haunted Cheesman Park, The Fillmore Auditorium, and the Colorado State Capitol.

Sexy Pizza's co-founder, Kayvan Khalatbari, first opened the business back in 2008. However, the sexily-named pizza joint will be closing its doors at its current location for good very soon.

Why is Colorado's Sexy Pizza Closing?

Colorado's Sexy Pizza has a noteworthy name, a great location, and has been a staple of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver for roughly 14 years, so why is it closing? Unfortunately, it is not the business owners that are choosing to close the business but rather the landlord opting to not renew the lease.

It all started back in March when a bunch of large rocks showed up at Sexy Pizza as an effort to deter homeless people from getting too comfortable near the business. However, in addition to being a homeless deterrent, the rocks blocked a bike rack and an area where delivery drivers typically parked.

Khalatbari, the restaurant's owner and advocate for helping the homeless, made it clear that he was not ok with the rocks by voicing his concern on Facebook. However, he believes that it was this opposition that led to the building's landlord's refusal to renew their lease.

Khalatbari also allegedly asked for a little more time to find a new location and to keep his workers employed but is saying that the landlord denied this request as well and that the business will be closing its doors on July 24th.

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