The most expensive "house" in Colorado is for sale right now, and if you have a spare $149,000,000.00 lying around, you should buy it.

This humble little abode is right here in Mesa County, sort of. The West Creek Ranch is so big it occupies two counties, Mesa and Grand.

Will it have enough room? When you take into account the entire estate, you have a total of 14 bedrooms, 12 full baths, and two half-baths. The main residence alone is 22,000 square feet.

Does it come with any other amenities? As a matter of fact, how about real dinosaur footprints. For that matter, it also includes Driggs Mansion. What home would be complete without those?

What other "perks" come with the ranch? Well, for starters:

  • 800-pound capacity elevator servicing all four levels
  • chef's kitchen
  • art studio
  • theater room
  • game room
  • gym
  • staff quarters
  • pool and spa
  • four water fountains (the Joneses must have had three water fountains)
  • six fireplaces
  • two-level circular stone library
  • geothermal heating and cooling system
  • irrigated equestrian and bison pastures
  • fishing ponds
  • airstrip and hanger (no home is complete without those)
  • helipad (but of course)
  • astronomical observatory
  • trout stream

This residence is located just down the road from Gateway, Colorado. The owner can enjoy easy access to the Gateway Canyons Resort, as well as the services found the opposite direction in Grand Junction.

Strangely, this house somehow didn't make the list of the 25 most expensive houses currently for sale in the United States. This seems a bit odd since the price tag is higher than some of those making the list. Cher's former Beverly Hills mansion made the list, and it's a mere $85,000,000.00.

This amazing Western Colorado property is YOU! It has your name written all over it. Visit your favorite mortgage broker today and fill out that application requesting $149,000,000.00. As you know, buying a house is much easier when you're pre-approved for a loan. Get after it, and this dream home could soon be yours.

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