I'll get to experience my first Mike The Headless Chicken Festival this weekend in Fruita. I've been hearing about it since my arrival nearly a year ago. The Smithereens close out the events on Saturday evening.

Everyone loves to share the story that led to this annual celebration. Let's see if I have it correct...On a Septemeber day in 1945 a local farmer, Lloyd Olsen, slipped out into the yard and grabbed a five-year-old Wyandotte chicken named Mike he had selected for dinner. After an ax malfunction, Mike didn't die. He actually continued to walk around and attempted to peck for food. After witnessing this incredible site Lloyd decided to care for the bird giving it water and feeding it with an eyedropper. Pretty close?

Ray Michaels

I made a trip out to Fruita and took a look. The festival preparations are underway. Merchandise appears to be a big driver of the event. I mean who doesn't want a Mike The Headless Chicken t-shirt? Wear one and travel beyond these parts and you too will be sharing Mike's story.

Ray Michaels

Live music is a big part of the celebration. Friday evening it's D&G Railroad at 6 pm and The Williams Brothers Band at 7:30 pm. Saturday it's El Camino Burnout at 4 pm and the stars of the show The Smithereens at 7:30 pm. All concerts are free.

Ray Michaels

Other events include a 5k run, disc golf tournament, wing and peep eating contests, food and vendor booths. So join me out in Fruita to celebrate one chicken's will to live. I agree, not a much better way than a cold beverage, good food, and free live music. Rock on MIke!

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