For the last month, it's been a little quiet on the Stone Sour home front regarding new music. The group dropped "Fabuless" and "Song #3" on the same day in late April and fans have been eagerly digesting these tracks, anxious for more. We're now less than a month away from the June 30 release of Hydrograd and to ease the wait, the band has released the energetic and dynamic "Taipei Person/Allah Tea."

Corey Taylor wasn't lying when he called the new album "flat out rock 'n' roll in its best form." The new track embodies the singer's notion, opening with a classic metal guitar lick and swinging drums, supporting by an industrial, wah-driven lead. Dropping out to just vocals, bass and drums, the energy intensifies as a bed of guitars crash in, leading into an explosive joint refrain. There's some punk, modern metal chugging elements and good ol' rock 'n' roll all present, offering something for the heavy music fan of all eras.

Explaining how this album differs from how previous Stone Sour releases were recorded, Corey Taylor told Full Metal Jackie, "The cool thing is that this band is so talented that we were like, 'You know what? Let’s go back to the old way of doing things,' because a lot of people don’t realize that’s how albums were made. That’s how albums were recorded. You would get everybody in a room, you’d bang it out, you’d go back in and layer some stuff, but you keep that energy and that’s what we did. We really wanted to set a precedent with everything with this album by making it so different from everything else that’s out there and keeping that alive spirit; the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll that we have been chasing."

Pre-orders for Hydrograd are available now through the Stone Sour website and fans can catch them on tour this summer with Korn starting June 16. To see if the trek is coming to a city near you, head to this location for more info and a list of all the stops.

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