A drive in almost any Colorado town near or in the mountains reveals people love their Subarus. For some, they also love other people's Subarus way too much.

Katie Kline, who lives in Westminster has had several unsolicited offers from people wanting to buy her 2002 Subaru Outback, which she says has never been for sale.

Katie and her boyfriend Jonathan Weinberg, who recently moved from St. Louis to Colorado, got a quick education about the popularity of Subaru in the state. Her experience has led her to believe Subaru is the 'official car' of Colorado.

The interest in her late model, less than pristine Subaru is both baffling and understandable. Jonathan also drives a Subaru so maybe Coloradoans without one think if the price is right, she may sell. After all, they have two.

After several offers, Katie has resorted to putting a sign in the window of the car with a strong message stating the car is not for sale. Why won't she sell? Katie says she's not ready to go shopping for another Subaru.

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