An Aspen woman gets a DUI for texting and riding her bike.

Is that really a thing? Can you get a ticket for riding your bicycle under the influence? Apparently so. Especially if you crash into a parked car and do what was reported as "significant damage." I get that she should be held responsible and pay for the damage but get arrested and taken to jail? That seems a bit much to me.

The arresting officer says in his report he decided to charge her with DUI and careless driving based on the amount of damage to the car and her level of intoxication. The woman crashed into a parked Subaru and busted out the back glass plus dented the hatch. She should definitely be in trouble for pulling this stupid stunt, but a DUI?

What are your thoughts? Should a person riding their bike under the influence receive a DUI? That kind of arrest can cause major pain when it comes to getting insurance and could have a negative impact when trying to find a job. I don't know. Seems excessive to me.

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