Most people have their "secret" spots that their friends might not know about, but this hidden Colorado speakeasy takes "secret" to a whole new level.

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Hidden Colorado Bar

You've probably seen a secret entrance to a bar, restaurant, or some sort of building in a movie or TV show, but have you ever seen or been to one in real life? I feel like the closest I've ever been to this was getting snuck through the back basement door at Bondi Beach Bar in Old Town Square in Fort Collins. That was back in its Zydeco's day so who knows if that's even an option anymore. Also, Social in Fort Collins kind of has that secret feel to it too since its entrance un downstairs. There is however a legit hidden bar in Colorado that not many people have ever heard of.

On the backside of the Halcyon Hotel in Denver, Colorado, is an underground speakeasy called B&GC, which means Boys & Girls Club. On the back of the hotel, you'll find an unmarked door with a light above the door. The little gold doorbell in the pic above is the same one you press and wait to be greeted by a B&GC hostess.

You can't just show up and get into the B&GC so if you want to check out this very neat and intimate secret Colorado speakeasy, you have to text 720-925-8598 to make a reservation.

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