Wow. That's gotta hurt. How would you like to work in a building knowing that it's listed as the "ugliest" building in the entire state? Working from home might be OK, at that point, right?

Our radio stations' building at 600 Main Street in Windsor is never going to be featured in Architecture Digest, so it's really not fair for us to throw stones, but when you hear about Colorado's 'Ugliest' building, you need to spread the news.

People have been putting this building down for over 15 years, so it doesn't look like they're not going to change it; we all better get used to it. Much like a wife putting up with her husband's ugly shirt "collection," you just have to say, "It is, what it is."

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This building gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, too. So, if it were really that ugly and off-putting, you'd think people would stay away from what some call, 'a monstrosity.'  Harsh.

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The folks at put together a list of the 'Ugliest Buildings in Every State", naming Colorado's as the Denver Art Museum, just south of Civic Center Park.

Facebook/Denver Art Museum,

The Denver Art Museum design is actually two parts, best described (in art terms) by Bloomberg:

...a two-part construction consisting of a brutalist tower by Gio Ponti and an explosive deconstructivist addition by Daniel Libeskind.

I don't understand that, either, but they know more about architecture and art than I do.

If you were to ask me what's the 'Ugliest Building in Fort Collins," I think that I would direct you over to the Colorado Visitors Center in Fort Collins. Holy, Moly. 

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