Did you know a resort town in Colorado had the coldest temperature in the nation last week? This town, located in the north central part of the state, boasting a population of 504, reached a chilly 17 degrees last Monday.

Sorry for the late notice. I was backtracking, putting together a little weather research, when this fact came to my attention. According to the National Weather Service, last Monday, October 5, 2020, was a cold night for the residents and guests of Grand Lake, Colorado.

Where exactly is Grand Lake? You'll find it about 93 miles east of Steamboat Springs. From another perspective, it is located 83 miles west of Boulder. According to Google, Grand Lake sits at an elevation of 8,369 feet and derives its name from the lake on whose shores it is situated: Grand Lake, the largest natural body of water in Colorado.

To put this in perspective, while the coldest temperature in the nation was recorded in Grand Lake, the hottest temperature for the date of October 5, a scorching 109 degrees, could be found 17 miles east of Brawley, California. Imagine, if you will, a 92 degree variance between communities located 1,010 miles apart.

According to usclimatedata.com,  the average temperature for Grand Lake during the month of October would be 24 degrees. The average high for Brawley for the month of October is 91.

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What about the days that followed? Given the cold front moving into the region, it's no surprise to learn the nation's coldest temperatures were found not far from Colorado. For Tuesday, October 6, the nation's coldest temperature, 14 degrees, was recorded at Peter Sinks, Utah, located in the northern part of the state. The following day, Peter Sink again set the lowest temperature at 9 degrees, followed by 13 degrees on October 8. The low temp then moved to the northeast United States for day, only to return to Peter Sinks on October 10.

Congratulations, Grand Lake. You were the best at being the coldest. At an altitude of 8,369, it's safe to say you may win this honor again before the season is over.

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