When I returned from my vacation in North Carolina, I was greeted with bone-chilling temperatures and lots of snow. Despite the freezing cold, we're keeping it toasty and here's how.

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    Work It Out

    One way to keep yourself warm in Grand Junction is to work out. This will definitely get your blood pumping and hopefully help you not think about your sky-high power bill.

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    Hot Tub It Up

    Although the first way to keep yourself toasty is a very healthy way, I think I prefer this way. If you can find a hot tub, you'll not only warm yourself up but you'll also be able to relax while you do it.

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    Fire Is Your Friend

    If you don't have a fireplace at your place (like me) no worries, you can always find one to warm yourself up. I like sitting at the firepit over at Peach Street Distillers with a Moscow Mule in hand.

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    Snuggle Up

    The last way to keep yourself warm and cozy is by snuggling. You could cuddle with your significant other or your pets, or both. Or a heating pad/electric blanket also work.

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