The State of Colorado is expected to have a Medical Marijuana crackdown bill signed into law. A bill has been sent to the governor's desk that will set new guidelines for doctor's who prescribe Marijuana for pain.

The most common condition that Marijuana is prescribed for in Colorado is 'severe pain' but now that amendment 64 is law the state wants to make a few changes.

I think the state wants move people off of medical and on to the recreational Marijuana. When you look at the cost medical is still cheaper and that means the state is missing out on some tax dollars.

I know this might seem like some big conspiracy theory, but now that the government has seen what type of tax revenue comes in with recreational Marijuana they want the full pie.

If you are on a medical Marijuana prescription don't be surprised if your doctor doesn't tell you that things have changed and you may need to just go buy your pot like a recreational user.

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