Colorado is set to continue the trend of increased traffic accident deaths in 2017.

As I myself get ready to hit the road for the holidays, I noticed the headlines that Colorado is pacing to break lasts years highway fatality total. Just in time for the weekend, colder weather is heading this way.  it's best to plan ahead, allow extra time, and buckle up on your way to Grandma's house.

Colorado Department of Transportation reports that 604 people have died on Colorado roads so far in 2017. That's a 3% increase from last year and an 11% increase from 2015. That trend's not heading in the right direction. Driving under the influence and not wearing seatbelts appear to be the reasons for the increases.

For us here on the western slope, the roads aren't quite as dangerous as they are on the front range. Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and Pueblo are the cities with the deadliest roadways.

Enough can't be said about how important it is to not drink and drive. Just as dangerous is driving while fatigued and driving too fast. This holiday season don't become a statistic. Allow extra time, slow down, and have happy and SAFE holiday season!

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