You don't have to travel far to find the best places in Colorado to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

According to a report from Lawnstarter, there are 5 cities ranked here in Colorado for 2022's Most Irish Cities in America.

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Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in America

Despite the fact that St. Patrick's Day is not a federally recognized holiday in the United States, it is still celebrated thoroughly!

Like everything else in the world, America has created its own version of St. Patrick's Day.  One not so focused on religion, but more on Irish culture and of course, lots and LOTS of alcohol.

Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in Colorado

While St. Patrick's day isn't until March 17, there are multiple events scheduled across the state to get the celebration started early.

I mean, who doesn't want even more time for drinking green beer and watching parades?

Denver is hopping into the spirit this upcoming weekend with the 60th annual Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday, March 12th with the step-off at 9:30 AM.

The parade usually lasts for at least 4 hours, so be prepared to bring a chair, plenty of water, and of course some warm clothes.

The Top 5 Irish Cities in Colorado

Lawnstarter ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on their Irish roots and spirit, and there were 5 cities in Colorado that made the list.

Take a gander at the list below and see if your Colorado city is full of Irish luck.

  1. Denver, Colorado
  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  3. Lakewood, Colorado
  4. Thornton, Colorado
  5. Aurora, Colorado

Key Factors For Ranking Irish Cities in Colorado

Wondering what metrics were used to determine the most Irish cities? There were 4 key factors that the metrics were based around.

  • Population: Share of the Irish population
  • Community: Number of local Irish organizations, number of state Irish organizations, and the number of Irish cultural meetup groups
  • Cuisine: Number of Irish restaurants and bars
  • Events: Number of St. Patrick's Day and other Irish cultural events

If you're wondering what the number 1 city in America is for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, of course, it is none other than Boston, MA. Happy drinking!

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