Because of Colorado's rich mining history, there are quite a few old, abandoned towns sitting around collecting rust and dust. One of these ghost towns is located along the Million Dollar Highway near Red Mountain.

Typically Off-Limits

Because of the unkempt buildings that inhabit these ghost towns, they are typically off-limits to the public and often carry 'No Trespassing' warnings at what were once the towns' entries.

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A Mining Community

The Red Mountain ghost town is located in such an area of Colorado that it's easy to assume that its inhabitants were most likely miners that worked for nearby mines.

Take a Virtual Tour

Although places like these are typically closed to the public, you can take a virtual tour of the mysterious ghost town of Red Mountain, Colorado.

Check Out Colorado’s Red Mountain Ghost Town

Just off of Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is a small abandoned ghost town called Red Mountain.

An Old Colorado Ghost Town Has an Abandoned Cemetery

The old abandoned town of Vicksburg, Colorado has an abandoned cemetery.

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado Ghost Town Gilman

If you've ever made the trip over Battle Mountain from Minturn to Leadville, you've probably noticed an old abandoned town on the side of the hill. That town is known as Gilman and was abandoned in 1985 because of contamination from the mine.

Because of this, the town is closed to the public and it is illegal to go there. However, as made evident by the massive amount of graffiti and homemade videos of the town, not everyone follows the rules. Here's a look inside the abandoned town of Gilman, Colorado.

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado Ghost Town St. Elmo

Colorado ghost town St. Elmo is located in Chaffee County and has quite a rich history.

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado Ghost Town Ironton

Ironton Colorado, now abandoned, was once a booming location for the state's mining industry.