If you love to hunt, you're going to have a lot more area to do it this Fall.

According to a press release, Colorado Parks and Wildlife have expanded the amount of land that can be used for hunting this fall. They're adding 210,000 acres to the already 567,000 available already using the Public Access Program. This adds to the 23 million acres of public land is available for hunting.

CPW director Dan Prenzlow said in the release that's he's thrilled for residents to have more access to the land. He went on to say that hunters and anglers make a significant contribution to wildlife conservation and the economy.

Governor Jared Polis supports the plan and hopes it will help relieve overcrowded areas.

Locations of the new lands enrolled in the Public Access Program for fall 2020’s hunting season will be announced with the release of the 2020 Colorado Recreational Lands Brochure later this year.

The 23 million acres that are available to hunt make up more than 34% of the land in Colorado.

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