Open burn season is coming to Colorado, and no, it has nothing to do with smoking weed out in the open.

Open burn season is the time of year when you can burn your agriculture, such as weeds and grass. You can begin doing this Sunday, March 1st all the way to Thursday, April 30th.

Agricultural open burn permits are free, but if you're in a residential area they cost $25. You can get permits from the Mesa County Public Health website.

Open burning takes place during this time of year because it's warm enough that it's unlikely that there will be much if any, snow on the ground, but it's also not hot enough that burning weeds and grass will pose much of a threat of causing a wildfire.

Burning excess weeds and grass is an effective way to get rid of said agriculture, and actually helps prevent wildfires in the summer.

However, doing this can also raise false flags. In fact, I once saw plumes of smoke from an open burn and took it upon myself to make sure that a wildfire was not starting. In cases like these, it's important to investigate where the smoke is coming from before calling the fire department.

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