During this busy holiday season, one Colorado family won't need to take time to have their car washed. A moose family has taken care of that for them as a new video reveals.

When you live this close to the wilderness and you leave your car outside, this can happen. It's the Bullwinkle family providing the best possible kind of auto detailing. There's no mention of exactly where in Colorado this happened.

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While it's always fun to see moose this close, it's this kind of encounter that caused the Canadian government to issue a warning last year as reported by CNN. The Canucks were told not to allow moose to lick the salt off of their cars because it makes them more comfortable being around vehicles (and people).

That begs the question "how do you convince moose to not lick your car?". Easier said than done considering you're dealing with a mammal that can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and have very unpredictable behavior. If you confront Mr. or Mrs. Bullwinkle, they might flee back into the woods or turn on you. Flip a coin on which response you get.

Perhaps the better idea would just be to keep vehicles parked in garages whenever possible? I'm just thinking out loud here.

As it is, it's a fun up-close encounter with an animal that you don't get to see very close under normal circumstances.

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