The State of Colorado is looking at a number of bills that would put more oversight on police. I'm not sure it is oversight we need as much as teaching them what their job IS and ISN'T.

When I was growing up a police officers job was to enforce the laws and respond to emergency's. Today it seems like they are just a wing of the military and they treat us like this is a war zone.

For that past 15 years we have been giving them armored vehicles, machine guns, grenades and anything else the military isn't using. My question is why does the police need all of this equipment?

I don't see the average American walking around with rocket launchers or AK-47's so why does our police force need to look like we are in some third world country? Isn't this the United States of America?

Political leaders can talk about oversight but how about real consequence for their actions and making sure we hire the right people for the job.

Look at how many times deadly or excessive force is used and after some hearing it is determined that force was justified.

I don't know about you but I find it hard to believe that every time an American is shot in the street it's justified.

Once upon a time police were called 'Peace Officers' because they kept the peace. They would defuse the problem before it got too heated. They would calm everyone down and no one was beat, tased or shot to death.

Look I understand this is tough job and they never know what they are walking into when they respond to a call but we need to have the right people in place.

I'm not sure it is more oversight we need as much as better screening, training and reminding the police who they work for, We The People.








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