This year over 80,000 people moved to Colorado.

While back home for the holidays, I was singing the praises of Colorado. So much I actually believe I convinced one of my friends to move here. She sent me back with several copies of her resume to pass around to possible employers. Colorado's growing economy and endless outdoor activities make it an attractive place to live. Given all that the state has to offer, it shouldn't be a surprise the US Census Bureau reports that Colorado has grown by nearly 80,000 persons. Colorado’s population increased by 1.4% in the 12 month streach between July of 2017 to July 2018.

That makes Colorado the seventh-fastest growing state in the country. Nevada and Idaho are first with a 2.1% growth rate. It's not only younger working adults moving here. Colorado, especially the western slope, is becoming more attractive to retirees too. The 300+ days of sunshine, low humidity, hiking, biking, golf, and more, have older adults making the decision to make Colorado their new home.

Colorado’s population is now nearly 5.7 million. That's about 700,000 more people calling Colorado home than did back in 2010. Colorado’s growth rate is about 13.2%. That's the fourth-highest in the nation over that eight-year span.

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