There's no denying that cities carry a certain, respectable distinction thanks to having a thriving art scene. For example, the city of Grand Junction, Colorado certainly falls under this umbrella thanks to numerous sculptures and murals found throughout city limits.

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In recent years, Grand Junction has hired visual artists, primarily those who specialize in creating paintings, to keep this momentum going by creating murals in parts of town that one may not necessarily expect.

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Many of the concrete structures along the popular Riverfront Trails have been adorned with beautiful artwork and this year, the city is actively searching for more artists to continue the tradition.

Grand Junction Colorado Seeks Artists to Create More Murals

Between now and July 12, 2024, submissions from artists are being accepted to keep the murals coming to Grand Junction. Artists are encouraged to submit proposals to Grand Junction's Commission on Arts and Culture in the form of a full-color sketch depicting the potential mural idea.

Once chosen, artists must bring their mural to fruition between the dates of August 12 and 30, 2024. In addition, each artist will be responsible for providing their own materials including brushes, paint, etc. However, each artist will also be paid $1,000 for their contribution.

Each artist's submission must also contain the area in which they would prefer to paint the proposed mural.

It's extremely nice to see the city of Grand Junction embrace art in the way that it does and even more admirable in the way that the Commission on Arts and Culture invites locals to contribute to these works.

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