There's simply no way around it; Hooters is a national institution. Founded in Clearwater, Florida, the "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined" restaurant chain can be found all over the United States.

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The orange and brown color scheme is instantly recognizable and for many years, Hooters franchises have been the setting for birthday parties, Super Bowl watch parties, and even pageants featuring employees of the restaurant.

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However, it was announced that Hooters is unfortunately planning to close numerous restaurants across the country due to "market conditions" and although no Colorado locations have been hit yet, it remains concerning.

Are Colorado's Five Hooters Restaurants on the Chopping Block?

Currently, Colorado is home to a total of five Hooters restaurants. These franchises are located at the following addresses:

  • 4230 Byrd Dr., Loveland, Colorado 80538
  • 8334 S. Willow Street, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124
  • 1111 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, Colorado 80234
  • 2610 S. Parker Rd., Aurora, Colorado 80538
  • 0750 Citadel Dr., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

While none of these locations have been affected by the recent news yet, numerous Hooters locations in Colorado have shut their doors for good in fairly recent memory.

According to USA Today, 13 Hooters franchises have already hit the chopping block and include six locations in Texas, four locations in Florida, and single locations in each of the states including Indiana, Kentucky, and Maryland.

While Hooters is often dismissed as tacky, the chain isn't all about scantily clad women and chicken wings.

Waitresses and bartenders at Hooters go above and beyond the duties of the majority of chain restaurants participating in pageants around the Halloween and Christmas holidays, competing for a spot in the coveted calendar each year, and getting involved with charitable events such as toy runs.

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These Are the Last 5 Hooters Locations Remaining in Colorado

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