Cañon City, Colorado is a town with a lot of history. Located just west of Pueblo along the Highway 50 corridor, Cañon City is known for its proximity to numerous prisons including ADX Florence, its proximity to the Royal Gorge, and the distinction of being home to Skyline Drive.

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While the tour of the Museum of Colorado Prisons is likely much more popular, an intriguing tour will be offered this summer giving patrons an up-close and personal look at the city's fabled Holy Cross Abbey.

However, this particular tour will be less about history, and more so focused on paranormal activity at the historic site.

Paranormal Activity: Tour Cañon City Colorado's Holy Cross Abbey this Summer

In case you're not familiar, Cañon City's Holy Cross Abbey is located on the east side of town at 201 North 1st Street.

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Originally built in 1924, The Abbey served as a home for monks, a boy's school, and a thorn in the side of the Ku Klux Klan chapter that was once highly active in the town at the time.

While the site has since been transformed into a winery, a group known as Night Shift Paranormal is hosting a paranormal investigation at the historic Abbey on August 10, 2024.

This ghost hunt will be nothing new for The Abbey, as paranormal investigation is currently one of the biggest draws to the historic property.

For more details regarding this unique opportunity to potentially mingle with the lost spirits of this historic Colorado place, you can head over to Night Shift Paranormal's official website.

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