It's often fun to take a look back into the past and reminisce about various items that were used by, say, our grandparents in what many consider to have been simpler times. For example, a trip to an antique store could very well conjure up memories of seeing things like shoe horns, oil lamps, and crystal candy dishes, just to name a few.

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Recently, the City of Grand Junction posted a photo that could be considered to be along these same lines; a photo depicting a means of eliminating waste that is now considered outdated but was once commonplace.

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Trash Incinerators Were Once Common in Grand Junction Colorado

The post which was undoubtedly nostalgic for many was published on the City of Grand Junction's official Facebook page on the morning of Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

Have you seen these old cement blocks around town? Back in the day, residents managed waste by burning it in alleyway incinerators such as this one.
In those days, trash pickup was really more like ash pickup! Fast forward to today, and we’ve come so far! Now, we have advanced waste collection, recycling programs, composting initiatives, and waste reduction efforts. Let's keep pushing forward for a more sustainable future!
While it's fun to peer into the past and revisit things that are now considered archaic, it's equally as nice to see the progress we've made in Grand Junction and beyond.

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