It's snack time, Grand Junction!

Today we wanted to review with you some brilliant, although strange and unusual, food pairings that you can use to spice up your snack life.

Good News is you won't have to step far outside your comfort zone when trying them, as many of these are already popular snacks just combined with strange or unexpected ingredients. That being said, there are a few that still have us shaking our heads.

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What Are Some Popular Snacks in Grand Junction Colorado?

We love our classic snacks in Colorado, but we seem to also love spicy. We also like to try different things. Those are just a couple of things I observed from reading all the responses to our question of the day about odd food pairings. Popcorn, chips, pretzels, and peanut butter got lots of mentions, but wait till you see the things that people are mixing together with those items.

Share Your Favorite Weird Snack Combo With Us

Tap the QOTD link to add your answer to the list, or send us an audio message on our mobile app as Ethel and Arlinda did. You can hear both of their favorite weird food combos below. Tap the app to send us yours.

Weird Snacks That Should Not Go Together But Do

These experiments sometimes lead to brilliant snacks. Sometimes, people take a risk and end up with a pairing that you can brag to your favorite radio station about! What's really cool is that we're about to see upwards of 50 unique snacks all suggested by YOU, our audience. See a suggestion you like? Try it out and give us your review.

Weird Yet Brilliant Grand Junction Colorado Snacks You Need to Try

This week we asked you to tell us about odd food pairings that just should not work...but somehow do! Check out the crazy awesome combos sent in from listeners like you in Grand Junction and Western Colorado. You'll hear a few suggestions you might want to try, and a few others you probably can't wait to turn down.

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