Back in 1991, Steven and Beth Lee purchased their dream home in Colorado's Black Forest with hopes of making it a forever home for the couple and their two, young sons.

However, their dream soon turned into a horrifying nightmare as shortly after getting settled in, the family was tormented by what many claimed to be malevolent, evil spirits.

In fact, the situation was so bad that they spent their entire life savings on surveillance and security equipment, hired private investigators, and even enlisted help from a popular TV show that specialized in the paranormal.

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Was the Lee Family's Colorado Home Haunted by Evil Spirits?

Upon moving into their new home in the woods, the Lee family began noticing things like unexplainable flashing lights, sounds of feet stomping, music, and eventually voices, appliances turning on and off on their own, and even shadowy figures roaming around at night.

However, things became especially grim when the otherworldly beings began physically assaulting the family, leading them to reach out to the producers of the TV show 'Sightings' to get to the bottom of it all.

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One of the experts sent to the home was a psychic named Echo Bodine who, upon arrival, claimed to see the spirits of five angry men, one of which claimed to be a sheriff from the 1800s.

While the Lees eventually gave up on their home, the patriarch, Steven, was never convinced that ghosts exist and had a curious alternative explanation for the weirdness.

Was Colorado's Lee Family Subject to Secret Military Weapons Tests?

Despite going through torment from an unnamed force, Steven Lee never admitted to believing in ghosts but rather had his own theory.

Steven believed that the U.S. Government, which has a big presence in nearby Colorado Springs, was testing nerve agents and hallucinogenic drugs on his family as part of a project to research potential chemical weapons.

Regardless, the Lees did move out and while it's unclear as to whether or not the property is occupied today, it has exchanged hands at least once since the family's nightmare took place.

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