If you're familiar with Red Rocks Amphitheater, you probably know that Blues Traveler will, no matter what, be performing there on the 4th of July. While that was still the case this year, another local artist put on a different type of show just outside of the venue.

Colorado DJ Plays Secret Set at Red Rocks

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It was a little rainy and windy this past 4th of July weekend at Colorado's famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Fans of the 90s rock band Blues Traveler came up to the music venue in droves but just down the hill from the amphitheater, a local DJ was putting on a set of his own.

Who is the Colorado DJ?

The DJ, known simply as 'MayFlwr,' set up a table, threw a cloth cover over it and set up his equipment which included a DJ surface, laptop, and speakers. All of this gear was plugged into a generator that he brought along with him and he was ready to put on a show.

Colorado DJ's Performance Caught on Tape

However, unlike the Blues Traveler show that took place at Red Rocks the same weekend, MayFlwr was only in the presence of a couple of guys that came along to record footage of the DJ's set.

Numerous camera angles captured the performance with one on a tripod, another sitting on the table with MayFlwr, and another courtesy of a drone flying through the air.

Although the weather tried to intervene, MayFlwr's set was flawless and lasted roughly 26 minutes. Who knows, maybe next time he'll be inside the amphitheater spinning?

Colorado DJ Plays Secret Set Outside of Red Rocks on 4th of July

Colorado’s MayFlwr set up his DJ equipment and performed a set in the mountains just outside of Red Rocks Amphitheater this past 4th of July weekend.

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