It's always cool to see someone from your home state hit the big time, and one Colorado stand-up comedian is enjoying quite a bit of success lately, including an appearance on the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience.

Sam Tallent is a very funny comic from Elbert County, Colorado who has truly achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a successful stand-up comedian. He has performed at Red Rocks, self-published a bestselling novel, and most recently joined Joe Rogan for an episode of his podcast.

Keep scrolling to check out the highlights from Tallent's appearance on JRE, which was recorded on April 11th.

Colorado's Sam Tallent on JRE: Mad Honey

This especially memorable clip features both Joe and Sam trying 'Mad Honey,' discussing things like Murder Hornets, and even a Deep Purple reference.

Colorado's Sam Tallent on JRE: Early Struggles

The pair talked about struggles that comics face early on in their careers, notably a very rough period of Sam's life where he found himself having to eat out of dumpsters behind 7-11 convenience stores and sleeping on floors, all while working hard toward his dream by performing at clubs like Denver's Lion's Lair.

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Colorado's Sam Tallent on JRE: Other Topics

The pair went on to discuss a variety of topics including the recent Bud Light and Dalai Lama controversies, friends of theirs such as David Blaine and Bill Burr, and even subjects like ancient aliens, wild pigs, and cannibalism.

In all, Tallent's appearance on the podcast was not only entertaining but also a proud moment for Coloradans in seeing one of their own being featured on such a popular platform.

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