If you've lived in Colorado long enough, you've probably noticed that we do things a little differently than other states during the winter.

Colorado's cold climate during these months calls for a complete change in lifestyle and showcases a unique identity that most Coloradans have.

Here are 25 things that most, if not all, Coloradans do when the weather gets cold in the winter.

Winter Driving in Colorado

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One thing that sets Colorado apart from some of its neighbors is the fact that driving is a completely different beast during the winter.

As Coloradans, we have learned hacks when it comes to getting around in the snow like using things like doormats and kitty litter for traction and putting our windshield wipers straight up in the air before a big snowstorm.

However, we also aren't the smoothest motor vehicle operators as it's not uncommon for a Coloradan to leave a bunch of snow on the roof of their car and we've all had to peer through a tiny clear spot in our windshield due to not letting it completely defrost.

Coloradans Are Used to the Cold

In a lot of ways, Coloradans are pretty used to the cold. We go skiing and snowboarding despite the cold temps, we attend outdoor festivals and concerts in the wintertime, and we all know somebody that still wears shorts well into December.

Coloradans Have Done This Before

At a certain point, we as Coloradans become experts at surviving comfortably during the chilly winter months. We leave the oven door open after baking, we wear pajama pants under our jeans, and we even become a little more lenient about letting pets sleep on the bed at night.

Scroll through 25 things that Coloradans do when the weather gets cold:

Things Coloradans Do When the Weather Gets Cold

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