Recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado for roughly a decade, but that doesn't mean that the laws are universal from city to city.

In fact, one of Colorado's largest cities has held out on legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana for years, and, based on a newly released opposition from the city council, that may not be changing any time soon.

What's Going on With Legal Marijuana in Colorado Springs?

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After years of holding out, Colorado Springs will be voting on the upcoming ballot on whether or not to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in the city.

Currently, Colorado Springs has medical marijuana dispensaries, and recreational marijuana is available in neighboring Manitou Springs and Pueblo, but Ballot Question 300 would allow medical marijuana establishments to sell recreationally, and Ballot Issue 301 would enact a sales tax on the recreational weed that would fund things like public safety, services for veterans, and mental health services.

However, the Colorado Springs City Council recently voted against both of the measures and released a scathing update on the council's majority opinion on the matter.

What Did Colorado Springs City Council Say About the Upcoming Ballot Measures?

The resolution from Colorado Springs City Council opposing the measures was broken into eight parts. These sections included reasons such as the "dangers of marijuana use," the city's reputation and not wanting to damage it, the fact that Manitou Springs and Pueblo already have recreational marijuana available, the fact that marijuana is illegal on the federal level, that marijuana is "destroying the health and social fabric of Colorado," and that tax revenue made in 2020 only attributed to less than 1% of the state's budget.

Take a look at exactly what Colorado Springs City Council released and download a PDF of the document if you like at The Gazette's website.

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