A strange and intriguing tale involving reincarnation and something called Cryptomnesia began right here in Colorado. Take a look at the legend of Bridey Murphy, the woman who died and was allegedly reincarnated into the body of a Colorado housewife.

Who Was Bridey Murphy?

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The original, and what some believe to be the only real Bridey Murphy, was born in 1798 in Cork, Ireland to Duncan and Kathleen Murphy. Bridey was named after her grandmother and lived a rather full life, marrying Sean Brian McCarthy at the age of 17 and living out her years between Cork and Belfast. At the age of 66, Bridey fell down some stairs and broke her hip, an accident that would leave her disabled until her death in 1864.

However, the legend and Colorado ties happened much later in the form of a woman by the name of Victoria Tighe who claimed to be Bridey Murphy reincarnated.

Victoria Tighe is Hypnotized in Colorado

Victoria Tighe was born on April 27, 1923, in Madison Wisconsin, and lived a fairly normal life. After college, Tighe moved to Denver, Colorado, and then to Pueblo, Colorado, where she met a hypnotist by the name of Morey Bernstein.

It was in Pueblo that Tighe and Bernstein began experimenting with hypnosis. During one intense session, Tighe claimed to have been able to see into the past and describe in detail her past life as an Irish woman named Bridey Murphy.

Tighe talked about things like how she got in trouble as a four-year-old for scratching paint off of her bed, her favorite clothing store in Ireland, her husband's favorite meal, the mayor of Belfast, Irish folklore tales, and even translated Gaelic into English in a thick Irish accent.

Tighe was convinced that she was, in fact, Bridey Murphy reincarnated, and based on the things that she knew about Murphy's life in detail, it was hard to prove otherwise.

Was this Colorado Housewife Reincarnated?

Over the years there has been much skepticism regarding whether Tighe was really Bridey Murphy reincarnated or if it was just an elaborate hoax. On one hand, Tighe knew a whole lot about Murphy's life and when under hypnosis, rattled off things that wouldn't make sense for an ordinary American housewife to talk about.

However, others have argued that not all of Tighe's stories were completely accurate and that she did spend her adolescence around Irish-American relatives that she had.

Below is a deeper look into the strange case of Bridey Murphy, take a look and decide for yourself:

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