Crocs are closing manufacturing plants. Do you think they're cool?

Colorado-based footwear company Crocs Inc. is closing manufacturing plants in Italy and Mexico. I've never owned a pair. With Crocs back in the news it's time to ask the question..."Are Crocs cool? Yes or no?"

This debate has been raging since the plastic clogs became a thing back in 2002. The shoes were first introduced to the world at a Fort Lauderdale boat show. Since then they've sold over 300 million pairs the world over. As recently as a year ago male fashion experts GQ debated if the shoes were cool or not. In the article, GQ editors faced off on the topic with the results being pretty evenly split on "Pro" or "Con." My favorite quote was from Marian Bull, food and travel editor "If a guy was wearing Crocs I'd probably be less likely to want to date or have sex with him. Unless he was a cool, rugged, camping guy or a chef (who I was not working with on a professional basis because I have boundaries!)"

The Colorado-based company recently announced the closure of a distribution facility in Mexico and a manufacturing plant in Itlay. Crocs are also closing smaller retail stores and focusing more on online sales.

So, do you own a pair? If so, do you wear them or would you never be caught dead with them on your feet? Are Crocs cool?

Credit: KKCO11News

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