Protests erupted in Denver on Saturday night over the death of George Floyd, who died while in the custody of the Minneapolis police.

Protesters poured into the streets of Denver stopping traffic in various parts of the city. The protest was mostly focused around the Colorado State Capital building. Hundreds of people spray painted, defaced, yelled, and threw things causing the Denver Police to stage at an empty parking lot north of the capital. As night fell Police clashed with the protesters shooting tear gas into the crowd and using flash grenades to make a lot of noise. The protesters left the area, spreading out through downtown damaging buildings, lighting fires and throwing rocks and unopened water bottles at passing cars.

After Friday night, when 3 police officers were injured after being hit by a driver, the Mayor of Denver has extended the curfew for Sunday night from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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Chaos in Denver - Day 3

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